APlusBatt's 72V 60Ah Lithium Battery: Powering Your Golf Cart to Excellence

A leading and Reliable Manufacturer of 72V 60Ah Lithium Golf Car

APlusBatt is a leading expert in advanced golf cart lithium battery manufacturing. Our engineering expertise ensures innovative and reliable products. Rigorous quality control guarantees premium performance and safety.

APlusBatt cutting-edge 48V 100Ah Lithium Battery, powered by advanced LiFePO4 technology, is designed to revolutionize your power needs. 

Our Expertise is Your Advantage:

  • Ten Years of Excellence
  • High standards of quality and safety
  • OEM/ODM Branding Support
  • Cost-competitive


  • 76.8V 60Ah 4.6Kwh
  • Life cycles (: 3500 times
  • Self-discharge rate: 3%/month
  • Discharging Current: 60A
  • Charge temp.: 32~122℉(0~50℃)
  • Discharge temp.: -4~140℉(-20~60℃)
  • Storage temp.: 14~95℉(-10~35℃)
  • Weight: 99lbs(45kg)
  • Dimension(L*W*H)mm: 680*225*260


Benefits: Longer Lifespan (up to 10 years), high power density, less weight(1/5 weight of leadacid battery) , small footprint, fast charging, no maintenance, no hazardous.

Advantages of 72V 60Ah Lithium Battery

Using Grade A+ battery cells make sure stable and safe

More power and less weight (1/5 weight of lead acid batteries)

Long life span, 8-12 years lifetime.

Maintenance Free

Quick Charge (2-6 hours as your requirement)

72V 60Ah Lithium Battery Packs Manufacturing Process

Outcase Design

Battery Cells Testing

Bolt Welding

Battery Cells Connection

Circuits and BMS Connection

Charging/Discharging/Aging Testing/Performance Testing before Shipping

Wooden Box Packing

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Custom Your Lithium Battery with APlusBatt!

With cutting edge of craftsmanship, we could offer customized lithium iron phosphate battery as well as our standard available lithium battery,  satisfying customers’ exceptional requirements.

How to Get A Custom Solution?

  1. Motor Power (KW):
  2. Motor Voltage (V):
  3. Previous Battery Capacity (Ah):
  4. Installation Position and Dimension:
  5. With/without Charger:
  6. Your Expected Charging Time:
  7. Running Mileage:
  8. Communication:
  9. Charging Temperatures

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