APlusBatt's 51.2V 105Ah Lithium Battery: Powering Your Golf Cart to Excellence

A leading and Reliable Manufacturer of 51.2V 105Ah Lithium Golf Cart

APlusBatt is a leading expert in advanced golf cart lithium battery manufacturing. Our engineering expertise ensures innovative and reliable products. Rigorous quality control guarantees premium performance and safety.

APlusBatt cutting-edge 48V 105Ah Lithium Battery, powered by advanced LiFePO4 technology, is designed to revolutionize your power needs. 

Our Expertise is Your Advantage:

  • Ten Years of Excellence
  • High standards of quality and safety
  • OEM/ODM Branding Support
  • Cost-competitive


  • 51.2V 105Ah 5.37Kwh
  • Life cycles (typical @0.5C discharge 25C): 3500 times
  • Self-discharge rate: 3%/month
  • Max Continuous Discharge Current: 200A
  • Max Discharge Current (10seconds): 400A
  • Charge temp.: 32~122℉(0~50℃)
  • Discharge temp.: -4~140℉(-20~60℃)
  • Storage temp.: 14~95℉(-10~35℃)
  • Weight: 115lbs ( 52kg)
  • Dimension(L*W*H)mm: 540*300*260(mm), 450*380*260(mm)
  • Running Range: 50-80km

Benefits: Longer Lifespan (up to 10 years), high power density, less weight(1/5 weight of leadacid battery) , small footprint, fast charging, no maintenance, no hazardous.

Advantages of 51.2V 105Ah Lithium Battery

Using Grade A+ battery cells make sure stable and safe

More power and less weight (1/5 weight of lead acid batteries)

Long life span, 8-12 years lifetime.

Maintenance Free

Quick Charge (2-6 hours as your requirement)

51.2V 105Ah Lithium Battery Packs Manufacturing Process

Outcase Design

Battery Cells Testing

Bolt Welding

Battery Cells Connection

Circuits and BMS Connection

Charging/Discharging/Aging Testing/Performance Testing before Shipping

Wooden Box Packing

Container Loading

Design & Custom Request

At APlusBatt, we take pride in offering not just exceptional products, but a tailored experience that meets your unique needs. When it comes to golf cart batteries, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. APlusBatt is happy to develop a custom solution to meet your specific demand. Please let us know more details of your requirements.

How to Get A Custom 51.2V 105Ah lithium battery?

Please provide below parameters for engineers and will help you choose the most suitable lithium battery for your golf carts.

  1. Motor Power (KW):
  2. Motor Voltage (V):
  3. Previous Battery Capacity (Ah):
  4. Installation Position and Dimension:
  5. With/without Charger:
  6. Your Expected Charging Time:
  7. Running Mileage:
  8. Communication:
  9. Charging Temperatures

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