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Different Lithium Batteries for Your Projects

Various lithium battery with different voltage, capacity, power and customize on your demand, catering to your exact application requirements.

Customize your lithium battery from a Chinese manufacturer

With cutting edge of craftsmanship, we could offer customized lithium iron phosphate battery as well as our standard available lithium battery,  satisfying customers’ exceptional requirements.

Buy Lithium Battery Step by Step

A professional team to do guarantee, consider all your need and benefit in heart before any decision.

We promiss to response to your inquiry within 12 hours.

Dedicated and efficient to fully cooperate with your needs,  provide you solutions at first time, creat value for you. 

Choose the most Optimized Solution

Our technical department will support you to choose the most optimized lithium battery based on your requirements on-time and on-budget.

We Fulfill Efficient lithium battery Manufacturing

From raw materials, processing, assembly and other processes, we have strict production plans and arrangements on each steps.

We do strickly inspection and testing before shipment

Before shipment, we exect strick inspection and testing process, to make sure lithium battery packs with best and safest performance for you.

Top Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Manufacturer In China

  • Ten Years of Excellence: With a solid decade of experience, we possess an in-depth understanding of lithium battery technology, ensuring you receive products of the highest standard and quality.
  • OEM/ODM Branding Support: We thrive on partnerships, collaborating with you to create customized battery solutions that carry your brand’s essence. Our OEM/ODM branding support enhances your market presence and establishes a unique identity.
  • Design Tailored to Perfection: Seamlessly blending form and function, our design team crafts batteries that not only perform exceptionally but also align seamlessly with your product aesthetics.
  • Customization Beyond Compare:  We specialize in tailoring batteries to your precise specifications, ensuring your unique requirements are met with unwavering precision.


Advantages of Our Supply Chain

  • Quality Components: We use famous brands grade A (EVE,CATL big brands) and high qualified components to assemble batteries that are as robust as they are reliable.
  • Optimized Production Line: Our integrated supply chain optimizes production, ensuring timely delivery and qulitified supply.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By optimizing our supply chain, we maximize cost-effectiveness, translating into competitive pricing for you.


Empowering Your Market Expansion:

  • High Value Proposition: We provide cost-effective solutions that offer unmatched value, enabling you to deliver quality products to your customers without breaking the bank.
  • Market Development Support: We don’t just manufacture batteries; we assist you in expanding your market reach. Our team offers strategic insights and support, helping you navigate new territories with confidence.

Join us in shaping the future of energy solutions. From idea to market dominance, APlusBatt is your partner in innovation, delivering lithium battery solutions that elevate your brand and revolutionize industry

Consult Your Lithium Battery Experts

We help you avoid the pitfalls during choosing most optimized and provide you high  efficiency lithium battery for you.

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How to Get A Custom Solution?

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  2. Motor Voltage (V):
  3. Previous Battery Capacity (Ah):
  4. Installation Position and Dimension:
  5. With/without Charger:
  6. Your Expected Charging Time:
  7. Running Mileage:
  8. Communication:
  9. Charging Temperatures

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