Why will lithium batteries increase sales of your electric golf cart

Electric golf carts and golf carts are very popular overseas and have begun to gain a large following in the United States, especially those golfers who enjoy walking and playing. Cart manufacturers and suppliers are using lithium batteries to adapt to this trend and improve the overall sales and performance of their carts.

In the past, the preferred power source for electric golf carts was sealed lead-acid batteries, but this technology has some serious shortcomings. Even if it is new, the battery capacity of lead-acid batteries is not enough to allow the golf cart to spend a whole day on the course. A few months later, the battery began to show signs of aging, and you cannot expect the battery to pass through 18 holes.

No wonder many top manufacturers have switched their golf carts to lithium-ion batteries.

Five Reasons for Using Lithium Batteries on Golf Carts

Let’s take a look at the advantages this technology provides and how it makes golf carts more marketable and attracts golf enthusiasts.

1. Lighter weight

Lithium batteries are much lighter than heavy-duty lead-acid batteries, making the golf cart more portable and helping to reduce wear and tear.

2.  Higher capacity

Lithium ion batteries have larger capacity and higher efficiency, which can extend the running time of golf carts. Your customers don’t need to worry about running out of battery power, but can focus on their games.

3. Less charging time

Using low resistance lithium batteries may shorten the charging time to a few hours. This means that customers can play a game in the morning, charge the golf cart, and then play again in the afternoon or evening.

4.  Longer service life

The lifespan of lithium batteries is ten times that of lead-acid batteries. Due to the high capacity of lithium after multiple discharge cycles, the same battery can be used in golf carts for many years.

5.  Stable power

Electric golf carts must be able to maintain consistent power and speed on different terrains, rather than gradually slowing down as the charging level decreases. Lithium provides higher voltage during the discharge cycle, resulting in a more enjoyable customer experience.

With these five advantages, why do engineers still use lead-acid batteries when designing electric golf carts? Some people may not fully understand the value provided by lithium golf cart batteries. They may need to personally test these batteries during trial operation to achieve the performance improvement that can be achieved using this technology.

Add value to drive sales

When you finalize the engineering and manufacturing decisions for electric golf carts and other products, please remember that the type of battery you choose will have a significant impact on your sales and revenue. In order to increase your profits, you need to meet customers’ needs by improving their golf experience. Providing consistent and long-lasting battery power in a lightweight and convenient golf cart is a good way to win repeat customers from private golf courses and personal enthusiasts’ word-of-mouth recommendations.

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