Why The APlusBatt 48V Lithium Battery Is The Best Option For Golf Carts Today

Are you considering switching your golf cart from lead acid to lithium batteries? You may be wondering how these batteries compare and why one is better than the other. In this blog, we’ll delve into the history of batteries and explain how lithium batteries have far surpassed lead-acid batteries, especially when used in golf carts or personal vehicles.

Golf Cart History

In the 1930s and 1940s, some electric golf carts appeared, but they were mostly converted rickshaws and never saw widespread adoption. It wasn’t until 1951 that electric golf carts designed specifically for golf were on the market.

The golf cart market expanded in the 1970s as people realized that golf carts could also be used as transportation for small private communities.

Lead-acid batteries have long been the first and only solution for powering these electric golf carts, and they have done a decent job of meeting the basic needs of the market. They make golf carts that are clean, quiet, and relatively cheap upfront compared to gasoline-powered vehicles.

Advances in lead-acid battery technology

Lead-acid batteries used in golf carts have been standardized in shape, fit and function, with some options in capacity directly related to range. There is even a water filling system integrated into the battery cover, which reduces the effort of adding water to traditional lead-acid batteries. There are sealed lead-acid batteries available for golf carts, such as gel and AGM, that do not require the addition of water, but they have not been widely accepted due to some of their performance limitations.

Not trying to belittle powerful lead-acid batteries and all that they have to offer, but the reality is, little has improved over the years.

Farewell to the old and welcome the new – Lithium battery debut

It is an undeniable fact that when a technology stops advancing, a new technology replaces it. Demands increase, expectations change, and as other technologies reveal sleek new capabilities, customers expect the same advancements from their golf carts or personal transportation vehicles (PTVs). This is where lithium batteries come in.

Lithium batteries answer the call to improve golf cart drivability and overall customer experience. They’re lightweight, super easy to install—anyone can do it—and cause less wear and tear on golf carts and fairways. No need for any golf cart battery maintenance – no water, no acid residue to clean – just charge and go. They are capable of fast charging. They provide higher, sustained power so they’re never sluggish. They are very difficult to damage, unlike lead-acid batteries, which often fail prematurely due to charging, improper watering, etc. They last 5-10 times longer than lead-acid batteries, which means you won’t have to replace them every few years. Lifetime cost is lower than lead acid, we’ve proven it mathematically!

APlusBatt Advances in lithium iron phosphate battery technology

Although lithium batteries address many of the shortcomings of lead-acid battery technology, it also creates new challenges. Lithium batteries created safety issues due to high heat generation, we decided to design a product from scratch and eliminate all hidden dangers, they include battery management system (BMS) to protect the battery,

First, all APlusBatt lithium batteries utilize lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, which is intrinsically safe. After years of experiments and application confirmation, it is the safest lithium battery. In addition, APlusBatt’s BMS will also monitor the temperature of each cell. When the temperature is particularly high and there may be a risk, it will cut off the external current output to protect the safety of the battery and passengers. In addition, a miniature fire extinguishing device is installed in each battery pack. Under special circumstances, if there is a fire in the battery pack, it will start immediately to extinguish the fire source.

It’s also super easy to install, making your golf cart lithium battery conversion a snap. Just choose a battery with the same voltage to replace it. Generally speaking, the lithium battery is much smaller than the original lead-acid battery, so the space must be sufficient.

Customer experience of APlusBatt lithium battery

The first thing people notice when driving a lithium battery golf cart is the feel. The car feels lighter, faster and smoother. We all know golf carts have a speed limit, so why do they feel faster? This is because the higher the power supply capacity of the lithium battery, the more electricity it provides, which improves the acceleration of the vehicle. Vehicles can reach top speed faster and more often. You can’t hit full speed when going up hills with a lead-acid battery, but with a lithium battery, you can _and_ do!

Equally important are things you haven’t experienced. This includes accidental parking, acid messes on top of the battery, in the battery box and on the floor, stress or worry about whether the battery is not charged, or doing many other things that can damage a lead acid battery because none of these will damage your lithium battery. The biggest benefit of using lithium iron phosphate is peace of mind

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